Stalen Graduates!!!

Oh, the places you’ll go!

I’m so proud of my boy!!!!!

He “graduated” kindergarten!

He had such a challenging year with starting school and his health. It was particularly difficult transitioning to school and being away from Mom. 

Since January he has had 3 surgeries, got an ileostomy and a gtube, was hospitalized with Norwalk virus, had cellulitis, bronchitis, group A strep infection at his gtube and a bout of the flu. It’s been wild to say the least. 🫣

This school year he not only grew in height but his strength and tenacity grew, he acquired new skills, he made friends, was invited to a birthday party and brought so much joy to so many.

I love hearing stories of him in the hallway giggling and making everyone that hears him giggle and smile too!

I’m thankful and grateful for his teacher and his EAs who worked hard to facilitate his learning, made sure he was always included, kept him safe (which is so hard!) and made school a positive experience despite his health challenges.

The mountain he climbed was so high, he faced many challenges and more, yet persevered. He is so brave, so strong and so resilient.

Stalen will be going to grade one in the Fall, hopefully more rested after a fun and adventurous summer, probably a little taller, but with the same great smile.


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