Noah Bear

Stalen and I want to share one of our new favorites, “Noah Bear” by Dave Lawrence. We had so much fun reading about a day in the life of a young bear with autism. Stalen smiled when he realized that he and Noah Bear have lots in common. I know he enjoyed reading about a character just like him.

This book is a gem! Its sweet rhymes make it fun for the beginning reader or for the whole family to read aloud.

The story of Noah Bear is insightful and can be appreciated by readers of all ages. It teaches us about many of the misunderstood behaviours and challenges that come with autism, which often overshadow the kind, caring and good intentions of an autistic trying to deal with the world.

Stalen and I highly recommend this book as a story to teach everyone about autism and the importance of embracing and celebrating our differences. We are also happy to support a local author and look forward to more adventures of Noah Bear!!!

You can find Noah Bear on Amazon! #noahbear #autismawareness


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