What’s in a smile?

For the longest time, I’ve always thought that a smile meant happiness. I mean isn’t that why we are told to smile for pictures, to show we are happy?

When you have a non-speaking child you learn to pay close attention to smiles and the communication behind them.

When Stalen is having a medical procedure he often smiles at me. His smile reassures me that despite what he is enduring he is okay.

When I see Stalen every morning and he smiles at me I know it is his way of greeting me with a “good morning”.

When I see Stalen for the first time after being away from him I know he’s smile says “welcome back, I missed you”

When I show Stalen something new, his smile tells me that he is interested, curious and wants to see more.

When I’m eating and Stalen smiles, I know he may want to try a bite or have a better look at my food.

When I’m struggling with something and Stalen shoots me a smile, I know it’s his way of being supportive and encouraging me to keep going.

When Stalen squeals and smiles, it’s a sign of pure unfiltered excitement.

It is music to my heart.

When I show him something and he smiles and raises an eyebrow, I know it’s his way of saying “you got to be kidding me”

When I ask him a question and he just smiles I know it’s his way of saying “your not going to like the answer to that”.

When he wraps his hands around my neck, looks straight into my eyes and smiles, I know that it’s his way of saying “I love you Mom”.

Stalen has taught me that a smile is so much more than happiness. It is just one of the unique ways that he communicates with me. We have our own form of communication, accepted and understood between our hearts. It is a symbol of hope for all to see and feel, you just need to listen with your eyes and heart…

What’s in a smile?

So much Power….hope, light, love and so many unspoken words felt by the heart.


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